{Pictured above:Memphis Minnie}

You see it when you scan the crowds at an event in the Landers Center, at a concert by an artist like Carrie Underwood, or a RiverKings pro hockey game or the annual Mid South Fair.  You believe it when you scan the list of permanent attractions that have made this vibrant northwest Mississippi county the leisure capital for the tri-state area.

Yes, there’s no doubt about it:  DeSoto County contains multitudes.

“In a county that contains multitudes, people with big dreams and big talent have always had a way of migrating here…”

This is the kind of place where winter rarely brings a snowflake, but where ice skating is a popular year-round pastime.  The kind of place where delighted children pet the lambs on a working farm, and adult motorcyclists hop on tricked-out “Hawgs” at the Southern Thunder Harley Davidson dealership.  In DeSoto County, “sweet” describes both the blueberry picking and the deals you’ll find around every corner in the specialty shops and boutiques of quaintly historic downtowns.

Works of art are grown and thrown here.  The growing takes place in the nation’s largest bonsai nursery where the small, meticulously sculpted creations are nurtured and groomed.  The throwing occurs on the potters’ wheels of talented ceramic artisans whose studio galleries are the perfect stop for purchases or for perusal of fine art that happens to be functional.

In a county that contains multitudes, people with big dreams and big talent have always had a way of migrating here:  Hernando DeSoto came through back in 1541; Elvis and Priscilla Presley honeymooned in DeSoto, and John Grisham practiced law here before he began writing legal thrillers.  Some of the world’s finest blues artists began their careers in DeSoto, and today blues greats Joe Callicott and Memphis Minnie are buried here, two reasons the county is a star-studded stop on the Mississippi Blues Trail.

After you take in the Blues Trail, head out on your own trek down DeSoto’s scenic back roads, ideal places to do your own dreaming or to just relax and enjoy the setting for bicycling or motorcycling.  Arkabutla Lake is another great place to get lost in the moment, sailing under wide blue skies, and there’s also skiing, fishing, swimming or hunting and hiking on the surrounding 30,000 acres.  Not surprisingly, in DeSoto the term “outdoors” encompasses a world of activities, from the perfectly manicured greens on 72 holes of championship golf to the county’s beautifully designed walking greenways.

Cultural offerings are equally diverse, ranging from the DeSoto County Historical Museum to the world’s largest collection–$2 million worth—of memorabilia and books related to the game of bridge, at the American Contract Bridge League museum.  And speaking of diverse offerings, there are 250 delicious restaurants in the county to choose from.

In fact, there’s so much to enjoy in DeSoto, you may want to allot more time for your visit.  You’ll want plenty of latitude to enjoy all those multitudes.